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ejector applied in chemistry industry

Chemical processes demand a lot of vacuum and may necessitate two-stage or hybrid ejector vacuum systems.

ejector applied in oil and gas industry

The importance of vacuum distillation in petrochemical hydrocarbon recovery and processing systems cannot be overstated.

ejector applied in power plant

Ejector technology boosts turbine efficiency in geothermal, waste heat, combined cycle, and conventional power plants.

ejector applied in desalination

In the desalination and water treatment industries, vacuum systems are critical.

ejector applied in steel industry

Degassing systems provide a dependable method for removing nitrogen, hydrogen, and other contaminants from molten metals and alloys.

ejector applied in Pharmaceutical Industry

Precision equipment for pharmaceutical product production and handling.

Technology sharing information

Where are spray exhaust cooling towers suitable

Spray exhaust cooling towers are suitable for the following locations: Industrial cooling Especially in scenarios where the operating temperature of machines or equipment needs to be reduced, such as the cooling of high-temperature furnaces, furnaces, and other equipment. Spray cooling towers are able to effectively remove the heat generated by

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What is the principle of working of a condenser?

The working principle of the condenser can be clearly divided into the following steps: Cooling Phase: The gas or vapor flows through a ductwork system inside the condenser. These gases or vapors come into contact with a cooling medium, such as water or air, to initiate heat exchange. In this

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What is the difference between air condenser and water condenser?

There are distinct differences between air condensers and water condensers in several ways, and here is a detailed analysis of their differences: Cooling medium: Air condenser: uses air as the cooling medium to remove the heat of condensation of refrigerant vapors through the natural convection or forced flow of air.

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How to choose a jet steam condenser

As an important heat exchange equipment, the common application scenarios of water condenser can be summarized as follows: Refrigeration: In refrigeration systems, water condensers are often used to change the refrigerant from a gaseous to a liquid state to ensure that the refrigeration system can function properly. It uses cooling

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What is the function of the water condenser?

Water condenser is an important heat exchanger, and its main role is reflected in the following aspects: Temperature control in industrial processes: Water condensers are often used in the industrial field to reduce the temperature of heated industrial fluids through the cooling of the fluid flowing through the outer surface

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What is ejector in petrochemical industry?

An ejector in the petrochemical industry is a fluid machine with a wide range of applications. Here’s a detailed explanation of injectors in the petrochemical industry: Definition The ejector uses the jet action of the working fluid to transfer energy and mass, which has the role of transportation and mixing.

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What are ejectors used in chemical industry?

In the chemical industry, the use of ejectors is quite extensive, and their type and application depend on the specific process needs and working medium. Here are some of the types of ejectors that may be used in the chemical industry and their brief descriptions: Water vapor ejector Working medium:

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How to select the parameters of the spray exhaust cooling tower

There are several aspects to consider in the selection of a spray exhaust cooling tower to ensure that it can meet specific cooling needs. Here are some key parameter selection suggestions, which are represented and summarized in a clear format: 1. Cooling capacity Flow rate (m³/h): Determine the flow rate

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What are the models and specifications of vacuum generators?

Vacuum ejector models and specifications vary by brand, application, and performance requirements. Here are some common ejector models and specifications for reference: Schmalz vacuum generator VAGG series Model examples: AC3 10: Suction rate 6m/h, rated power 50HZ, 0.25KW, voltage 400V, volume 10L. AC3 30 80: suction rate 18m/h, rated power

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How to choose a vacuum system for liquid ejectors

When selecting a liquid ejector vacuum system, there are several factors to consider to ensure that the selected system meets the specific application needs. Here are some key considerations, along with a selection guide based on them: 1. System Needs Assessment Vacuum Requirements: Determine the desired vacuum range. Different applications

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