Vacuum chiller


Vacuum Chiller

Applications for Chemical-Free Refrigeration and Flash Cooling

About Jet Chiller

In the food, paper, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors may all benefit from using vacuum water chillers as an affordable way to cool large amounts of water. This innovative system progressively cools the needed flow of water to 1.5° to 10° C, depending on the initial temperature of the supplied water, by drawing vacuum on different chambers of a chiller tower using our multi-nozzle ejector technology in numerous phases.

For simple and efficient system operation, the vacuum chiller systems include multi-nozzle ejectors, a chill tank with internal weirs, a two-stage ejector downstream, piping, controls, and instrumentation.

How Vacuum Chiller Works

The Vacuum Chiller or Vacuum Cold water Machine, make use of low-pressure steam potential energy as a driving force, the formation of a vacuum environment, in a vacuum environment, water at room temperature on the evaporation, the release of latent heat, in the process of releasing latent heat, the temperature of the water will fall rapidly, through the control of the release of latent heat of the water, to get different temperatures in line with the process of cooling or the central air-conditioning needs of the cold water, cold water as a medium for heat exchange.

Our Chiller Advantages

These are the key benefits of installing our ejectors instead of mechanical pumps and other ejectors in vacuum system applications.

  • Our Jet Ejector has a unique design that contains a multi-channel effuser and nozzle.
  • Absent refrigerants or chemicals.
  • Our Unique design of the Jet Mixing Condenser.
  • Reliable, consistent service and output
  • No moving parts
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Easy to retrofit or upgrade
  • Long-lasting and durable equipment
  • Can be built from a wide range of steel, alloy, and composite materials, including thermoplastics like PP and PTFE.

Vacuum Chiller Application Cases

  • Chemical processing 
  • Refinery, Oil and Gas 
  • Food and Beverage
  • Flavors and Fragrances
  • Paper and Pulp

Contact our CHINA headquarters in Chengdu or our EU offices in London for vacuum system requirements.