Spray exhausting cooling tower


Spray Exhausting Cooling Tower


About Cooling Tower

A cooling tower is a heat-removal device that releases industrial waste heat into the atmosphere by the use of water. Similar to this, an industrial cooling tower works by evaporating a small quantity of water that is pumped through the device in order to remove heat from it.

Our Patented Spray Exhausting Cooling Tower has been on the market in China for around 20 years, and our clients and time have witnessed it’s performance and stability.



Our Unique Tower design DOESN'T need fan system to cool down the water tempature.


Our Unique Tower design DOESN'T have any fillings inside the cooling tower.


Our Unique Tower Design ENABLES our clients to save enormous money on huge maintenance fees.


Our Tower has no fan, motor, or filler inside, which is energy-saving, low noise, and very easy maintenance, its core components for the spray propulsion rotary extraction device, in 0.12-0.15MPa water pressure driven by the spray device rapid rotation, high-temperature water from the device several evenly distributed nozzle spray and be atomized, so that it and the cold air to get a full maximum degree of heat exchange; spray device comes with a 4 blade The blades are equivalent to the role of a fan, thus taking the heat away from the high-temperature water and reducing the water temperature.

It is a product developed after more than ten years of research and development. The spray cooling tower, without an electric fan and without filler, uses the pressure of the water in the original circulating water system as the power source, pushing the circulating water upwards through the spraying and atomizing device, and at the same time pumping the air through the blades on the device to achieve the cooling of the high-temperature water. The high-temperature water is cooled to achieve the purpose of cool down the circulating water.

Our Advantages

These are the key benefits of installing our Unique Exhausting Cooling Towers than a Traditional Evaporative Cooling Towers.

  • Our Tower operates without a fan system.
  • Our Tower operates without Fillings inside the Tower.
  • The Temperature drop is better than Tradition Evaporative Cooling Tower.
  • Low on Water Losses.
  • Reliable, consistent service and output
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Easy to retrofit or upgrade
  • Long-lasting and durable equipment


Traditional evaporative towers have counter-flow and cross-flow type cooling towers. Here are three main issues and problems with which traditional evaporative towers currently exist:


In All Cases, Filling will face aging, brittle cracking, and deformation, resulting in water flow in the tower channel flow and bunch flow state, water nozzle off, uneven distribution of water, and clogging serious, in the hot season, cooling tower water force is not up to 60% of the design capacity. resulting in low operating efficiency, system energy consumption, and other serious problems, and around the tower, drifting water serious, resulting in the tower steel structure, valves, motors, and other serious corrosion, as well as the high corrosion rate of the equipment.


As the cooling tower filler for microorganisms, is a huge hotbed, for example, Legionella, breeding speed is very fast, and then sterilization of algae, the microbiological carcasses in the system accumulate a large plate. And PVC for the degradation of plastic, PVC monomer with the combination of biological emblem carcasses, resulting in very easy to settle attached to the powder in the heat exchanger surface sludge, its ability to block heat than hard scale is also high, the system thermal efficiency is very low. Every year when the overhaul, dredging work is very large, and not easy to build, and sometimes have to use chemical cleaning. Then the cost is higher, the equipment is damaged, shorten the service life of the equipment.


Due to the poor cooling effect of the tower, the biggest feature of these two types of cooling towers is that there is a thick layer of packing in the tower, and there is great resistance inside the tower, while the heat load of the production unit is certain, it is necessary to increase the circulation of water to take the heat away from the system, the energy consumption of its pumps, and fans correspondingly increased, filler aging, brittle cracking, deformation is serious, seriously affecting the continuous and stable operation of production; fan-filled cooling tower late replacement of filler time-consuming, costly and labor-intensive, waste filler disposal is also a big problem

Cooling Tower Application Cases

  • Chemimical Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Distillery Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Plastic Industry
  • Refrigeration
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Refinery, Oil and Gas 
  • Power plants

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