Liquid Ejector vacuum system


Liquid Ejector Vacuum System


About Liquid Jet Ejector

The most common motive medium for liquid jet ejector pump is water. Other liquids can also be used, depending on the material and application.

A liquid ejector operates based on the Venturi effect. It uses the kinetic energy of a high-velocity liquid stream to entrain and transport another liquid, creating a suction effect.

Liquid jet pump work by drawing air, gas, liquid, or solid materials from the head of the jet pumps and compressing them to atmospheric pressure through the high-speed liquid jet that emerges from the motive nozzle.


Our Jet Ejector Advantages

These are the key benefits of installing our ejectors instead of mechanical pumps and other ejectors in vacuum system applications.

  • Our Jet Ejector has a unique design that contains a multi-channel effuser and nozzle.
  • Our Liquid Jet Ejector is much more energy efficiency than Steam Jet Ejector.
  • Reliable, consistent service and output
  • No moving parts
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Easy to retrofit or upgrade
  • Long-lasting and durable equipment
  • Can be built from a wide range of steel, alloy, and composite materials, including thermoplastics like PP and PTFE.

Application Cases

  • Chemical processing – product distillation, drying, flash cooling, and more
  • Refinery, Oil and Gas – product distillation, Renewable Deisel, and High-Pressure Gas Flare
  • Solid Dosing –  mechanical dosing and mixing
  • Steel processing – product degassing
  • Power plants – NCG removal for turbine condensers

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