Multi-Stage Jet Ejector Vacuum System


Multi-Stage Steam Jet Ejector Vacuum System


About Steam ejector

A Multi-stage Jet Ejector vacuum system provide a dependable and cost-effective method of managing and compressing low to high flow gas streams at high, medium and low vacuum levels. 

Our Multi-stage Steam Ejector System provides a much more higher Vacuum degree than one applied to a Single Stage Jet Ejector System. In the meantime, Our Ejector will only need LP steam to operate, which shows it is less energy-consuming, and more energy effiency.

Our Steam Ejector Advantages

These are the key benefits of installing our ejectors instead of mechanical pumps and other ejectors in vacuum system applications.

  • Our Jet Ejector has a unique design that contains a multi-channel effuser and nozzle.
  • Our Steam Ejector DOESN’T REQUIRE HP Steam; LP Steam is all our ejectors need.
  • Our Unique design of the Jet Mixing Condenser.
  • Reliable, consistent service and output
  • No moving parts
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Easy to retrofit or upgrade
  • Long-lasting and durable equipment
  • Can be built from a wide range of steel, alloy, and composite materials, including thermoplastics like PP and PTFE.

Application Cases

  • Chemical processing – product distillation, drying, flash cooling, and more
  • Refinery, Oil and Gas – product distillation, Renewable Deisel, and High-Pressure Gas Flare
  • Steel processing– product degassing
  • Power plants – NCG removal for turbine condensers

Contact our CHINA headquarters in Chengdu or our EU offices in London for vacuum system requirements.