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Ejector Vacuum System Product

An ejector vacuum system products typically consists of three primary components: a motive fluid source, an ejector, and a discharge system. The process starts with the motive fluid (often steam, but can also be air or liquid) being passed through a nozzle at high speed. This high-velocity jet passes through the ejector’s mixing chamber and creates a low-pressure area due to the Venturi effect. The pressure differential thus formed draws the suction fluid (gas or vapor from the process) into the mixing chamber where it mixes with the motive fluid. The mixed fluid then passes through a diffuser where its velocity is reduced and its pressure increased, allowing it to be discharged against atmospheric or higher pressures.

We provide a large range of Ejector Vacuum System Products, Including Single-Stage Jet Ejector Vacuum System, Multi-Stage Jet Ejector Vacuum System, Liquid Jet Ejector Vacuum System,  and our outstanding Design of Energy Saving Spray Exhausting Cooling Tower.

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